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Refresh - Three for £30 (Co-op)

It's time for another reccomendation for three supermarket wines for £30. I've actually got a bit behind in writing these bloG posts so keep your eye out for a few more of these shortly!

I actually really enjoy doing them. I don't normally buy wine from supermarkets so it's nice to spend some time seeing what they have on offer.

So, as always, I picked a sparking, a white and a red, and this week they came to a total of £25!

Sparkling - Corte Molino Prosecco £8.50

White - Ned Sauvignon Blanc for £7.50

Red - Don David Malbec for £9.00

Total £25

Just try to ignore my reflection in the bottle of Prosecco

Sparkling - Corte Molino Prosecco £8.50

I thought this was quite nice, and I guzzled it down pretty quick. I always find that's the problem with prosecco, unless it's from a top producer. It's drier that you normally expect, so a good wine to try if you're someone who thinks it's a bit on the sweet side.

Tasting Notes: Classic flavours like green apple, pears, peach, some juicy ripe lemons and a bit of a floral note too. I also liked the fact that the bubbles weren't to agressive and it felt really balanced in the mouth.

Positives: Another wine which tastes exactly how you expect - I'm getting a bit repetitive with this. Is this what all supermarket wines are like?

Negatives: For the price I couldn't really fault it. If you're going to spend around this amount of money on sparkling I do think Prosecco is the best bet most of the time.

Food: Another apertif wine!

White - Ned Sauvignon Blanc for £7.50

We'll get straight to the point - this wine was not for me. It's wines like this which completely put me off New Zealand for many years, which is a shame as some (smaller) producers are doing amazing things. I found it so sickly, like in your face for no reason. I've seen this wine in pretty much every supermarket, so it's obviously very popular and I'm in the minority!

I get loads of elderflower and a slight hint sweaty socks, but I know there's thousands of people who love this style, so if you like a wine that packs a punch this could well be for you. Or perhaps this is the wine for those whove lost their tastebuds during the past year...

Tasting Notes: As well as what I've noted above, you've got juicy lemons and limes, some more riper notes too. It's very concentrated, with a good length. Was I being to harsh?

Positives: It's a classic NZ Sauvignon Blanc and you get exactly what you expect.

Negatives: I feel like I judged it to harshly, but it really wasn't for me. Spend a little more and you could get something so much better. I should really give you an alternative - so if you're a member of the Wine Society definetly try one of their Touraine Sauvignon Blancs for a similiar price and you'll be happy.

Food: Gosh, can I say anything strong to hide the taste?! In all seriouslness I think a nice piece of salmon with buttery mash would be perfect.

Red - Don David Blend of Terriors Malbec for £9.00

Finishing with the best wine of the bunch, I would honestly buy this one again. There was nothing mind blowing about it, it was pretty simple if I'm being honest but I actually thought it was really good! This is another wine I always see on the shelfs, and I can see why it sells.

It's from the Calchaqui Valley in the northwest region of Argentina, and is a blend of two parcels of Malbec. The grapes are grown at high altitude, so there's a great freshness to the wine.

Tasting Notes: There's loads of concentration here, with plenty of blackcurrants, blackberries, dark plums, chocolate and a little bit of mint. It's very smooth and very soft, another crowd pleaser.

Positives: For the price it almost feels a bit luxurious, decant it and tell your guests it is.

Negatives: Another wine I couldn't really find a fault with considering the price. I'll definetly be buying some of their Reserve Malbec soon.

Food: Just go with your classic pairings for this Malbec - steak and chips, smoked meat or just a nice cheese board.

This is the third Three wines for £30, so if you're interested you can find my two previous ones below:


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