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Refresh - Three for £30 (Ocado)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

So this is a new thing I'm trying out, three bottles of wine from the supermarket for £30 (or thereabouts) - a bottle of sparkling, a white and a red. I'm well aware that I normally post weird and wonderful (and often quite expensive) wines which aren't really approachable for many people, so I thought it might be nice to branch out a little. I know, how nice of me. But it also means I've got another excuse for buying a few more bottles of wine a week.

I plan to choose a different supermarket each time and try to find some good priced wines. Maybe something a little bit off the beaten track but hopefully they provide you with some inspiration!

First off is Ocado (we've all turned to online shopping right?) but I've already blown my £30 budget so I'm not off to the best start...

Sparkling - Baron de Rothberg £10.50

White - Chapel Down Flint £11.99

Red - Santa Tresa Cerasuolo £10.99

Total £33.48

Sparkling - Baron de Rothberg £10.50

A Merlot, Ugni Blanc and Airen sparkling wine from Bordeaux, France. At 11% abv, it's a good wine to start the night off with.

Tasting notes: fresh citrus flavours, grapefruit, plenty of zesty lemons and limes. Very delicate and light,

Postives: Easy to drink, very light and crisp. A very good alternative to Cava and Prosecco, especially those which are slightly sweet/rich.

Negatives: Not very complex, but then I wouldn't expect that for a sparkling wine at this price point!

Food: Very much an apertific food, so get some snacks and dig in.

White - Chapel Down Flint £11.99

A great alternative for a New Zealand Sauignon Blanc, but make sure you like acidity as this one is sky high (I love it). A blend of Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and other bits of bobs. A great wine if you want to stay local (the grapes are from Kent, Essex and East Sussex).

Tasting notes: Intense kiwi, elderflower and plenty of citrus zing, loads of concentration in this wine.

Positives: It's from England! And it's always great to taste great wines from here.

Negatives: Hm I suppose the high acid could hit you in the face if you like something a bit richer/sweeter.

Food: Prawn cocktail, an English garden salad or a roast chicken.

Red - Santa Tresa Cerasuolo £10.99

This was the standout wine for me, and as expected from a DOCG wine. A Frappato and Nero d’Avola blend from Sicily at 14% abv.

Tasting notes: Some of the Nero d'Avola is left to dry a bit on the vines, adding not only a bit of alcohol to the finished wine (concentrating the sugars) but also a richness, as well as dried fruit notes. Some oak flavours come through too, not overbearing but a nice soft addition to the wine. Morello cherries and dark berries. A super smooth and soft wine, definitely needs food.

Positives: Couldn't really fault this wine, ok 14% abv might be a little on the high side for some of you, but it just means more flavour right? Loads of concentration and perfectly balanced.

Negatives: Honestly couldn't think of any. Or perhaps the 14% abv had something to do with not remembering any.

Food: Staying in Sicily, I'd have to say either a plate of Italian cured meats, caponata (aubergine, tomato pine nuts, raisins etc.) or Pasta alla Norma. Or how about a big ragù filled arancina/o.

Next week it's Marks and Spencers...

Heard in London


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