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Five Things I'm Doing This March

March has crept up on us all I imagine. I only realised I needed to write this post today (the 3rd), the days just seem to roll on by don't they?

Another month in Lockdown, but I suppose we can now see some kind of way out if all goes to plan. Personally I don't think much will change for me until I get vaccinated, but I hope I will at least try and come up with some suggestions of what to get up to in London once normality resumes for some of you!

This month it's another month of online lectures, wine tastings, a few book recommendations and restaurant boxes, and I hope it's some inspiration to you all.

HEARD in London - History, Eat, Art, Refresh and Discover.


First off, a few talks which I've signed up for this month and think you might like;


We had a fab vegan box from Arabica last week and I think I'll order their meaty selection soon too. It says it's for 2 people, but the 3 of us had leftovers, and leftovers again - so make sure you're hungry! I love their restaurant in Borough Market, and can't wait to visit later on in the year.

We've also got a meal box coming on Friday from Parkers Arms in Lancashire. Their pie boxes sold out pretty quickly after Marina O'Loughlin mentioned them which is great to see! I've got high expectations so I'll let you know how it is.

A few other suggestions which I plan to try but have been recommended include Bao, Made in Oldstead, Burger and Beyond and Pidgin.


I stumbled across Mary Beard's Mythology Trail the other day, and would suggest a listen when you have time. It's a free podcast taking you virtually around the Royal Academy and it's really good!

As always the National Gallery have a few online talks this month. For members there's The life and art of Rosa Bonheur taking place on the 5th at 4pm. She's an amazing artist and has a really interesting life story so I will definitely be listening in.

They are also doing another online course which starts this month - City by City which takes place on Mondays from the 15th onwards. It costs £75 but as it's Jo Walton, I know it will be amazing.

Staying with the National Gallery, google "A curated look: the National Gallery" when you have a few hours to spare. They're a series of short videos focusing on certain themes and are highly addictive!

Getting a bit sick of London? Have a listen to New Yorks Met audio guide online here, which reminds me, have you used the app Smartify before? If not, download it and thank me later.


For me it's another month full of "studying" wine through the many online tastings from West London Wine School :) No seriously, I do have an exam in just over 2 weeks (Italian Wine Scholar) and I've just signed up for another next month.

BUT I've discovered another one which looks really cool as well! I saw a few people I follow on Instagram doing an online tasting last week with Tipple Talk, and booked myself a place. I'll have to let you know next month how it goes but I'm really excited! Tomorrow night is a focus on South America, with six wines to try (£25).


Ok, so to finish, a few books I'm enjoying reading at the moment.

A History of the Bible by John Barton. Sounds intense, it probably is actually but it is very interesting. I'm not religious, just obsessed with it and I am finding this very enjoyable.

if you're looking for something a little lighter, I'm loving The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and The Children of Jocasta by Natalie Haynes. I recommend anything by Haynes. She's an amazing author.

Well I hope you have an enjoyable month of March, and do let me know if I've missed anything you think I might enjoy!

Heard in London

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