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History - The Strange Shell Huts in Grosvenor Gardens

These bizarre looking shell huts in Lower Grosvenor Gardens look pretty out of place in the midst of Victoria. So what's the story behind them?

Also known as London's French Garden, the space was redeveloped after the Second World War, with a nod to France to symbolise the strong ties between the French and English.

Already in the garden (1930) was the equestrian statue of the French general Foch, remembered as a hero in the First World War, so the shell huts would follow suit and include some French flair.

The pair were constructed in 1952 and designed by French architect Jean-Charles Moreux based on 18th century pavilions (fabriques). For decoration, shells from both French and English beeches to symbolise the links between the two countries.

Nearest tube station is Victoria


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