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The Modigliani exhibition at Tate Modern

Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920) an Italian painter and sculpture known for his elongated faces and controversial nudes, although not celebrated during his time, he is now placed amongst the greats such as Picasso and Brâncusi.

Modigliani was born into a Sephardic Jewish family, in Livorno Italy, but from an early age he suffered with his health. His little success during his lifetime was cut short at age 35; with his alcohol-induced blackouts becoming more frequent, the artist died in Paris of tubercular meningitis in 1920, with his wife ending her own life just a few days later.

The exhibition now on at Tate Modern until the 2nd of April is a fantastic insight into the artists interesting life, showing his style developing from his early works, his sculpting phase, the famed nudes, and finally his later works (which personally were a real highlight).

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