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Refresh - My Top Five Spots for Mulled Wine in London

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

It's that time of year again. I can't go anywhere near Oxford Circus, I get angry at the ridiculous amount of Christmas Trees going up in houses for a month then chucked away, I shake my head at seeing people around London with giant bags of shopping, full of rubbish gifts that their recipients won't even want...

But the mulled wine! The Pigs in Blankets! Mince pies!

Yes I'm a scrooge and really hate Christmas, but I do love the food and drink, and the fact that for the short month of December it's ok to eat and drink what you like and not really worry until January...February...or perhaps when the weather warms up a little.

And mulled wine has to be top of my list, I've already lost count of how many I've had which is a little worrying with it only being the 2nd of December. But it was all in the name of trying to find my top 5 favourite places and if you're looking for a glass (or mug) of glögg, glühwein, vin brulé or vin chaud, I hope these will offer some ideas.

In the City @ The Trading House

Right in the City and just a few steps from Guildhall is my favourite place for a mulled wine this year. Yet despite it being where it is, it's also one of the cheapest at £5.50!

Piping hot, served in a mug, lots of spice, and lovely and rich, served in a pretty impressive mock Victorian colonial trading house.

One of my favourite pubs in London, and not only because of the great selection of beers. Stepping foot into the George Inn takes you back to the 17th century, and I just love it. Try and nab a table at the separate side room nearest the entrance and warm up by the fire. Mulled wine here was also one of the best I've had this year too.

At a market @ Brick Lane

Sundays are perfect for a wander around Brick Lane Market, and I was happy to see this place serving the good stuff at 11.30am!

The most expensive one on the list, but you are paying for an incredible view of St Paul's. I like to come up here for the step-free view of Wren's masterpiece, but if there's mulled wine on offer as well, then I'm more than happy. Thanks Amber from Rambling London Tours for the recommendation, company and the photo!

A festive feel @ Bar Under the Bridge

Head here if you're in need of getting in the Christmas spirit, unfortunately that's not me but when there's a decent mulled wine of offer I'm happy to let that go. I had the Classic Mulled wine at £5 but next time I'll splash out on the Ableforth's Winter Cup.

Had a great mulled wine in London that I may have missed? I'm always looking for recommendations so comments are more than welcome :)

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