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Les Cailloux du Paradis - Romorantin

Another biodynamic wine for you to try is the super exciting Les Cailloux du Paradis by Claude Courtois.

100% romorantin, a grape I hadn't even heard of half a year ago, has quickly turned into a bit of an obsession of mine, especially when the weathers as great as it has been the past few weeks here in London!

The grape is grown around the Cour-Cheveny AOC in the Loire, and the 13 acre Cailloux du Paradis vineyards are just outside the AOC itself. It's actually a sibling to Chardonnay and Aligotè, and was once fairly widespread in Loire, but now is limited around the Cour-Cheveny AOC. It's believed that Romorantin was introduced to the Loire by King Francis I of France (1494-1547).

But back to the wine itself, the grapes are hand harvested, natural yeasts are used and fermentation takes place in concrete and oak. The outcome is truly delicious, on the nose there's a more savoury note, and a minerality which just hits you in the face. A little fruit lingers there too, some stone fruits, sweet cider apples and more tropical flavours. On the palate it's the acidity is what first attracted me to this wine, it's sour, fresh and flinty, but that balances perfectly with the wines richness. There's so much going on here, the fruits riper, the savouriness comes across in interesting earthy notes, and makes way to a really well structured and precise wine.

It's available to buy from Les Caves de Pyrène, and I've also just seen in on Buon Vino where you can buy it online.


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