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Five Things I'm (Not) Doing This October

I'm in Italy!

After numerous holidays cancelled over the past few months I finally boarded a plane out of London.

I landed in Florence a few hours ago, and it's kind of strange being back when Covid19 seems to be on the rise over here as well. I came here just before Lockdown and it's strange to be back in what feels like a similar situation.

Thankfully I know Florence well having lived here in the past so I'm more than happy, but my plan is 3 weeks here and 2 weeks Rome so unsure how the second part of my holiday will pan out at the moment.

However, this post will be five things I would have been doing if I was in London, so those of you who need some inspiration of what to do in the month of October, read on...


Online lectures are still going strong it would seem, and being someone who loves nothing more than a night in and a bit of history, I'm pretty happy that they seem to be here to stay.

I've loved the free Guildhall Library talks, and it's great to see they have some really good ones this month.

On the 14th they have "British Royal Children over the Ages" which you can book here. And on the 19th they have "Fleet Street: Written in Stone" book here. Like usual they are free, so why not sign up!

Another institute which is known for their lectures is Gresham College, and their talk this month is "The African Diaspora in Britain" on the 22nd Oct - another free event from them, plus you catch up on many of their past lectures here.


From the 10pm curfew to the threat of another Lockdown, many restaurants, bars and cafes are tittering on the edge so it's more important than ever to support your local.

Fancy some top laksa? Head to Normah's in Queensway - they could do with some love!


Ok perhaps there is one negative about going away, I miss the opening of the Artemesia exhibition at the National Gallery! But thankfully it's on until January next year. I'm sure she needs no introduction to many of you, so get booking and tell me what I'm missing!

Later on in October, Turner's Modern World at Tate Britain opens, on until the 7th of March. And for those of you who aren't leaving the house how about signing up for a talk via zoom on the 6th.

"Beautiful Death - Art and the Mystery of Mortality" (£4) is part of London Month of the Dead, and although many of their events have sold out, there's a few spots available for other talks and tours.


London Cocktail Week in now London Cocktail Month, so if you're comfortable going out and about in London how about supporting the hospitality industry and taking part? 69 Colebrook Row, Zetter Townhouse, Black Parrot, Nine Lives, Cahoots, Mr Foggs, Merchant House, Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, Happiness Forgets, Nightjar and Blind Pig are my recommendations.


If you're cool like me, you might like to go and see the closing of the Thames Barrier on Sunday the 4th from 9:05am to 7:05pm. To find out more about the Barrier read my blog post here, or how about starting the Thames Coastal Path? I have yet to finish it, but read part 1 of it here!

I hope you have a great October, and do let me know what you've been up to in London in recently, as I would love to hear from you! If you've enjoyed reading any of my blog posts, why not subscribe? You'll find the form on the homepage here.

Heard in London


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