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Five Things I'm Doing this October

I guess I have to start by saying how quick the previous month has gone, like I do every month... but my gosh September has been particularly short.

I think it may have something to do with me having an exam in a few days time, but I've barely had a chance to do anything the past few weeks it seems.

But on we go, and the winter creeps even nearer, and we enter one of my favourite periods of the year. London quietens down, as do the museums, art galleries and the streets. It gets dark super early, and it suddenly seems ok to spend most of the day in a pub by just blaming it on the weather outside.

Having said that I plan to make the most of October, and as ever, London is jam packed with stuff to get up to this month, and so here are my top five suggestions.

Number one

Starting on Wednesday and running over the next 3 weeks, is the National Gallery's lunchtime series, The Image of the Black.

For half an hour starting at 1pm, it kicks off with a look at Veronese's Adoration of the Kings. It's free to attend so if you're in the area I highly recommend!

Number two

It's slightly out of the way from central London, but a visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery is definitely worth it, and even more so with the opening of their new exhibition Rembrandt's Light.

While you're in the area why not explore the local street art, you can even pick up a handy map at the gallery too.

Number three

This is probably going to be my highlight of the month, London Transport Museum's Friday Late: Hidden London exhibition launch, on the 11th of October. On the opening night of this new exhibition, you can explore the many secrets and stories of London from beneath the streets, sip on cocktails whilst listening to music, enjoy a guided gallery tour, as well as talks, object handling, a quiz and loads of other bits and pieces to get up to. Tickets are still available and are £15.

Number four

If you haven't been, why not spend your Sunday at a Victorian sewage system? The Crossness Engines open day takes place on the 20th, and will give you a chance to see what's considered "an industrial cathedral", and it truly is.

Number Five

I normally keep my last reccomendation full of foodie tips, but instead I have to include Where the Light Falls taking place on the 25th. Inspired by poetry, projections will be cast on the Cathedral to remember the men and women who risked their lives to save the building in the Second World War. You'll be able to see it lit up from the 24th until the 27th.


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