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Five Things I'm Doing This March

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I've let the start of March surprise me this year as I'm writing this from Italy for a much needed holiday and where I've barely released what day it's been!

I'm currently in Rome, having spent the last few days in Florence so I feel pretty detached from London at the moment if I'm honest. But in a few days it's time to return home, so I'm planning to hit the road running and cramming in loads of cool things to do in the city!


You may have heard of the Oxford V Cambridge Boat Race, but have you heard of the Oxford V Cambridge Goat Race? Yep it's a thing, and if it sounds like something up your street head to Spitalfields City Farm on the 29th of March and expect a goat themed mini festival! There's more information on it here.


If any of you follow me on Instagram you'll be aware that my diet usually consists of noodles, and since all I've been eating over in Italy is pizza and pasta (my second favourite cuisine so I'm not complaining!) I'm pretty excited to get back to my usual diet!

I could give you a list of all the places in London I recommend, but instead I'll give you a few of the restaurants I plan on visiting this month which I've heard great things about.

My first suggestion is Rao Deli on Borough High Street (at the Elephant and Castle end) which is meant to dish out some of the best Vietnamese food in London). Another place I plan on going for either breakfast, lunch or dinner is Koya City. Despite being a huge fan of their place in Soho, I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried their second one! I'm going to make sure to check out their Japanese ramen in the next few weeks. The Great Thai in Fitzgrovia is another place I've heard great things about, and it's their Boat Noodles which I'm sure to be ordering. And to finish, one place I have been recently and whole heartedly reccomend is Fen Noodles at Old Spitalfields Market - go for their Spicy Dry Mixed Lamb Noodles and you're sure to be happy.


There's some huge exhibitions coming to London this year which is pretty exciting. The likes of Artemisia Gentileschi, Raphael, Turner Alice & Wonderland will be arrived in London in the next few months but as for March there is still plenty of stuff going on. And although coming back off holiday is the worst feeling in the world, knowing there's some fantastic exhibitions on at the moment will help me through.

British Baroque at Tate Britain is in full swing, as is British Surrealism at Dulwich Picture Gallery, Steve McQueen at Tate Modern and David Hockney at the National Portrait Gallery.

And one I'm really excited to open is Titian:Love, Desire, Death at the National Gallery. Having spent this holiday in art galleries and churches in Florence and Rome, it's got me even more in the mood to get another fix of Italian art once I'm home. This is sure to be busy, so happens wait a few weeks until the crowds die down..

Gauguin and the Impressionists at the Royal Academy opens at the end of the month too, and it's also time for a new plinth on Trafalgar Square so keep your eyes open for Heather Phillipson's The End. On the 26th of March onwards you'll be able to see a huge swirl of ice cream, complete with a cherry, a fly and a drone!


Just before going away I moved house from the peace and quiet of Maida Vale in West London, to right slap bang in the middle of the City of London. I don't think it's quite hit me yet, that after all these years I can finally call the Barbican home, but I'm so excited to get to know the area and more importantly find my new locals. So this month will consist of me mainly trying to figure out my best local pub or finding a cosy little wine bar I can spend the afternoon with a glass of something nice and a good book.

Already on my list is the Two Brewers on Whitecross Street. First of all Whitecross Street is my idea of heaven - come Monday to Friday this street is lined with street food vendors dishing out food from all over the world, and this pub has decided not to compete with the tasty stuff being dished out right outside its doors, but instead embrace it! Bring in your food from the market outside, find a table and order a pint at the bar. It's a great idea and seems to be very popular!

Obviously I'll be spending a lot of my time in the Barbican Complex, and if you haven't been inside and had a nosey I do urge you too. There's cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries and exhibition spaces, theatre, cinema and even a library. I'll be checking out the Martini Bar pretty soon I assume so will report back. But if I do decide to leave the confines of my new home Fare from the people behind Sager and Wilde is pretty high up on my list. I expect their will be a great wine list, and tasty pizza and pasta too! The Gibson and Bedlam both on Old Street are two bars I'll be checking out too. And if you have any suggestions for the area, do please let me know!


I stumbled across the London Book and Screen Week a few days ago and it's definetly something I'm interested in this year. Running from the 9th until the 15th, this annual event combines events for readers, writers, gamers and film fans (and coincides with The London Book Fair). From Immersive Experiences, special screenings, book readings, literary themed walking tours and even a Where's Wally fun run.

As always, if you have any suggestions on what I shouldn't miss in the month of May do drop me an email or write a comment below!

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