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Five Things I'm Doing This April

With the whole of London on lock down, choosing my top five suggestions of what to get up to this month is a little restricting. Once a month, I normally suggest things I recommend to do in London, be it visiting the latest art exhibition, an lecture I personally think sounds particularly exciting or which new restaurant to check out.

Being in lock down has been a completely new experience for all of us. I hate being cooped up inside, and there's nothing I love more than to wander around London, and eat. I very rarely cook and eat out most of the time and I've only just realised that. It has shown us all what we take for granted, planning what we will do different when we are "let out" and what to make the most of when the time comes. But for now we all must remain at home, and despite this being an incredibly scary and nerve-racking period full of uncertainty, we might as well make the most of our free time we have.

So here our my Top Five Suggestions for April. Perhaps we will spend the rest of the month at home - who knows?!

1. Wine Deliveries

When people were stock piling loo roll, baked beans, dried pasta and flour I was busy stock piling wine. I've bought more than enough to keep me watered the next few weeks, and I highly recommend supporting the smaller business during this tricky time. Modal Wines, The Winemakers Club and Tutto Wines are all still deliveing and have some fantastic wines on sale!

2. Food orders

I know supermarkets are starting to get a little bit back to normal in regards of their supplies, but I find the experience actually really daunting. There's a really sombre feeling out there, and having to keep an eye on where other people in the store are, whether or not you can fit between those two people keeping 2 metres away...I've started to find some smaller suppliers doing online orders are much less stressful during these times. I had quite a big delivery from Belazu last week and was really happy with their stuff. From fancy olive oil and vinegars, expensive (but worth it) olives, dips, pesto and more - definitely check them out if you want to indulge yourself.

I haven't got round to having any takeaways yet (I have a phobia of the delivery guys never finding my flat) but there's a really helpful list which Clerkenwell Boy has put together of what restaurants, wine bars, food businesses are delivering still here.

3. Although I'm pretty happy to sit in a chair and read for hours, I've realised that doing that all day everyday is getting a little tiresome! I've recently started re-watching all the Art History videos on Khan Academy. They have loads of free online courses on absolutely everything so go check them out.

4. One website I've found myself spending an awful lot of time on the past few days is It's a must for anyone whose missing the National Gallery, British Museum, Tate Britain, the Wallace Collection and hundreds more. And it's not just galleries and museums in London, there's bits on pretty much every museum and art gallery all over the world on there!

5. Ok, so that all seems a little bit full on, and I can't give you all the impression that I'm being that proactive during these strange times. So for those who are looking for something new to watch on Netflix I definitely recommend Tiger King, the one which everyone is talking about (I watched it in just a few days). There's twelve seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race to get through or how about binge watching some Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Good luck for April everyone, and stay safe

Heard in London x

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